Our environ­mental manage­ment.

With us, environmental protection does not take a back seat

Of course, environmental protection does not take a back seat at Waasner. By continuous improvements (among other things inclusion of the coworker ideas by suggestion boxes distributed in the plants) the small plant “environmental protection” grows for years with the company Waasner.

Our implemented goals include

  • Regular audits and certifications according to
    – ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management system)
  • Obtaining CO balances + certifications of our service providers
  • Reduction of cooling lubricants
  • Reduction of industrial waste
  • Correct disposal of hazardous materials
  • Proper waste separation
  • Reduction of electricity
    – Devices not in permanent use are unplugged at the weekend
    – Standby setup of PCs
    – and much more
  • Annual training of employees
  • Sensitization of the employees to “ecologically responsible” working practices
  • Annual participation in campaigns such as “Cycle to Work
    – Bicycle racks for employees
  • Use of an electric car as an internal courier vehicle and vehicle for necessary plant changes of the employees
    Own green areas on the company premises
  • Use of collective deliveries
  • Monitoring and control of environmental issues by our own environmental officer

The following goals are currently being implemented and are the focus of attention

  • Reduction of special delivery trips
  • Consistent monitoring and review of measures already implemented
  • Deeper involvement of employees

Our environmental goals for download: